Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog #5

 My most significant accomplishment is multifaceted when comparing my Midterm and my final project.  I feel that I will continue to learn more about Photoshop and continue to use it.  I appreciate the opportunity to utilize the skills I learned in Art Ed 252 and feel I have used them wisely in conjunction with my Big Idea concepts then converting them to visuals. My final was an extension, drill down and continuous improvement of my midterm big idea.  My final project big idea is relative to my college plans, as well as future plans to improve the current day school system in the US.  Using statistics from my research about “at risk” children, I created an interactive pair of home pages; a proactive scenario that prompted challenging, meaningful dialog and the participation of my classmates.  Their participation was much appreciated.  Successful utilization of the Photoshop animation tool is indeed an accomplishment, even though it appeared to be a complicated process at first.  I was able to take my initial thoughts of a slideshow embedded in a Photoshop document and implement that concept using the Photoshop animation tool.  Just a little practice with the Photoshop animation tool allowed me to see what the program could do and how to convert my Microsoft thoughts to a Photoshop document.  Certainly, the in-class demonstration was helpful.

My self portrait was most challenging; using the selection tool was tedious.  With practice, I found comfort with enlargement of the image to in order to see selection better and most of all, deciding which selection tool to use for what task.  My self portrait was frustrating, but meaningful because that is when I started to feel confident about improvement of my Photoshop skills.  My first try at the self portrait was very bad.  I have mastered selection.

For sure my most meaningful work was my final project as the subject matter is about my passion for helping "at risk" children.  I am pleased that the presentation of my Photoshop works came together as a proactive class participation scenario.  

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