Sunday, February 27, 2011

Repost of Midterm Big Idea. Thanks!

Re-post of Midterm Big Idea.  Thanks!

My Artist Statement- Big Idea is Family and Discipline.

Human interaction and relationships pertaining to family and discipline is my Big Idea. I have aspirations to make my mark in a big way in the urban community in reference to “at risk” children.
I believe there are some untapped resources and unused ideas that can be reorganized in order to redirect some groups of people, namely the “A-Team.” Who is the “A-Team”? Parents, grandparents, guardians, caregivers, school administrators and last but not least, K-12 students are on this great team, even though they all have never believed to be on the same team in the past. I have a proposal that lives in evolution at this time and it began last quarter, my first quarter back at OSU after 35 years.
My granddaughter Aviva is six months old and is my inspiration for this Big Idea. She is an “at risk” child as are many in the USA. By the time she is ready to attend school, if not sooner, I plan to implement a series of ideas that will breath new life into how “The A-Team” can work better together to bring new hope to our nation’s education process. The next generation must have hope and be disciplined enough to successfully graduate high school, attend and graduate from college without fail.
This future proposal will create continuous improvement to our countries public school system, utilize the work of artists with no discrimination for age, gender, race, or nationality engaging with the worldwide web, recycling self-empowerment to the “A-Team” for many generations to come. I continue to develop this Big Idea as I go through my student life in order to implement a successful future plan of action as a result of ongoing research.


  1. After talking with you Sherry it is clear that you know what you want to express, and what your big idea is. For you (like many of us) i think the challenge will be to continue working with the tools presented to refine and focus your thoughts. I think the first image moves more toward that cohesion, where the second one comes across more denotatively, yet lacks the blending of the first.

    Frankly I think the harder part is getting the idea of what to do. If you can continue to have a clear vision of where you want to go, I expect that you'll get the expression of your thoughts to follow suit. Good luck!

  2. Hey Sherry,
    This was a very cool concept and I like the images you used to portray it. I especially liked the first image, it really went with what you described in your artist statement. I know the intention was for the baby to stand out but right now it doesn't look like she belongs in the picture meaning the edges on the image is still really sharp and could be soften. The second image definitely portray your artist statement. My only suggestion on that would be to maybe find more pictures that are taken the same way. But overall I really appreciate the way you were able to put your thoughts into images.

  3. I really liked your big idea of family and discipline. I thought you did a great job of explaining in your artist statement and in your projects what this means to you. In your first image I thought it was a very good way to show what you hope for your grandaughter. As we talked about in class, I the think you could have done a little better with makeing her took like she is art of the picture. You did a great job with your porportions and I like that the picture was tit=lted. In your second artwork I liked how there were a bunch of things going on and you more then one idea that all tied into your main big idea. I also liked the tequniques and the overall composition you used.